Walgreens Basics  


Register Rewards (RR's)

One of the best ways to get great deals at Walgreens is with their RR's! When you purchase qualified items, a RR will print out. The RR's are valid toward any store purchase (excludes prescriptions). These can be used with all of your other manufacturer coupons.

As with CVS and Rite Aid, the goal at Walgreens is to work their deals in order to get the cheap and/or free stuff and still have RR's remaining for your next deal there. The first time you shop Walgreens, you will likely pay out of pocket; however your goal should be to pay less then you will receive in RR's for that first purchase.  Then the next sale, you will use those RR's to pay little or no money out of pocket (or, if needed, for items you can't find on sale anywhere else such as milk, paper products, etc). Each week, I will show some scenario's to help you understand this a little better.

Walgreens official coupon policy is HERE.  I highly suggest printing it and taking it with you when you shop.