Kroger Basics  



  1. You do not have to buy items 2 items when they are BOGO, they will each ring up half price.  You can use coupons on both items.
  2. Most Kroger stores will double coupons up to $.50.
  3. Kroger will NOT accept competitor coupons.
  4. Kroger does have Catalina machines at the cash registers, so you can take advantage of Catalina deals there.
  5. Kroger accepts electronic coupons, so load them to your shopper card before you go.  The sites that offer electronic coupons are Shortcuts, P&G, Cellfire, and Kroger.   As of right now, you can use an electronic coupon and a paper coupon on one item.
  6. Kroger will accept IP's (internet printable coupons); however most won't accept IP's for FREE items or those with a value over $5.  Some stores are beginning to limit the number of IP's to 2 per like item, so if you're stocking up you may need to shop in a few transactions.