Publix Basics  



  1. BOGO items will ring up at half price, so you do not need to buy 2 items to get the discount.  You can use coupons on both items. (NOTE: Florida has true BOGO, so the first item will ring up full price and the 2nd item will ring up free.  You can still use coupons on both items.)
  2. Publix will double coupons up to $.50.  (NOTE: Florida will NOT double coupons.)
  3. Publix does accept competitor coupons.  The competitor coupons they will accept will vary by store, so so check with your store to see who they consider a competitor.  In most stores, the competitor must be a true grocery store with a produce and meat department.  For example, if you have a Super Target in your area, they will most likely take Target coupons.  If your area only has a regular Target, they may not.
  4. You can stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons.  Store coupons do not have a barcode and will have an L.U.# on them instead.  You can also stack manufacturer coupons with competitor coupons, as they are considered store coupons.  For example, if a loaf of bread is $2.79 and you have a $1/1 manufacturer coupon and a $1/1 store coupon, you can use both coupons and the final cost will be $.79.
  5. Publix will give rain checks on sale items if they are out of stock.  The expiration dates and limits on these will vary store by store.  If your coupon will expire before or during the raincheck period, make sure they will write on your raincheck that it is okay to except the expired coupon.
  6. Publix will accept IP's (internet printable coupons); however most will not accept IP's for free items or those valued at higher than $5 (check with your store before you try to use one).